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How Pandemic Fears and Protests Make Americans Invest in Safety and Security

It’s no secret that the U.S. is in a state of social and political turmoil right now. With the whole world in a state of crisis, things were bound to get rough stateside. From worries about the virus to rioters and police, Americans are more worried than ever about their safety.

Not just safety for them, but for their families and neighborhoods too.

So, it makes sense that people all over the country are looking to buy equipment that they can keep themselves safe with. In cities of way different walks of life there are people who are choosing to invest in body armor. Accordingly, we have three examples of cities across the U.S. where people are taking steps to protect themselves.

Empty streets in New York

New Yorkers Buy Bulletproof Vests By Broadway

New York is a very liberal place. Most people consider it one of the most progressive places in the United States. Still, even in the Big Apple, we find lots of people are protesting to change the system.

Inevitably, there are negative reactions to that protest, and violence is often one of them.

That’s why after shootings began during protests in the city, people flocked to buy vests and body armor of all kinds. Across the five boroughs people are buying bulletproof vests because they’re afraid of being unprotected.

As Joseph Giacalone, professor at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, said, “People are scared.”

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Protesters and Police Departments Gear Up Too

In areas with social unrest, businesses are seeing protesters and police departments alike buy equipment. Most of their sales come from people concerned for their own safety. However, larger and larger amounts of sales come directly from people getting involved in protests.

In some cities, businesses have seen their sales jump hundreds of percent. Indeed, businesses in California have had record orders of body armor, armor plating, and ballistic helmets recently. They’ve actually been running out of supplies because they’ve sold so much.

Despite the pandemic, some companies have actually had to hire people to keep up with demand for their products. It’s a surprisingly positive fact during a time of such unrest.

people in California lined up to buy safety equipment

Business Booms for Small Business Safety Suppliers

Small businesses selling safety products have had a profitable season recently. In Tucson, one business has seen sales for body armor go up 550 percent. They say most of their new customers are ordinary people. Lots of them are employees that regularly meet new faces, like postal workers or convenience store employees.

They’ve doubled their workforce to keep up with all their sales. Again, not bad for a time where people are struggling to find work.

It’s the same story for other owners seeing double the amount of customers as they normally have. For example, one online retailer recently told Buzzfeed that they’ve had to make big changes to their business. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have been able to handle the demand for vests and armor.

Luckily, ASAP Safety has been preparing to handle any demand for vests and other safety equipment, and are proud to supply whatever you need.

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